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Our Values


We are honest in our dealings with others.


We strive for excellence and make a continuous effort for improvement in all aspects of the business and deliverables.


We deliver what we promise in our business and personal relationships.


We always demonstrate commitment and diligence in our efforts.


We are always friendly, courteous, and have respect for team members and others.


We display teamwork. Team members use terms like “we” not “I.”  “It’s not my job” is not in our vocabulary.


We are fair and even handed in our dealings with team members and others.


A team member never undermines another. We deal with issues openly and transparently.


We have a sense of urgency on matters related to customers and key partners. We “own” problems and are always responsive.


We are customer driven.


We are “easy to do business with.”

If we fail to live up to any of these, please call us on it!

Meet The Team

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Mark's expertise includes risk management and mitigation, managing for value, strategic financial leadership, operational excellence, and turnaround management. Froehlich founded Impact Partners, an investment and advisory firm, in 2001, and is an operating partner of Star Mountain Capital, a private equity firm. Based in New York, Star Mountain Capital was honored by Fund Intelligence as the top performing investment fund under 1 billion dollars. Mark served for many years as the Treasurer of Thompson Caterpillar, and as Vice President of Thompson Investments, LLC. He has served on the board of directors of Secureworks, Inc and CapitalSouth Bank. Mark holds a Masters in Public and Private Management from Birmingham Southern College, and attended the Focused Financial Series of executive education at Harvard Business School.

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Dr. Skidmore is a board certified, highly published neurologist with significant experience as a funded researcher. Dr. Skidmore specializes in large data applications, using cluster-based computing as well as Deep Learning paradigms, for automated diagnosis and prediction. He has expertise in Research and development of a variety of tools to define brain signals, including Deep Learning, Vector Support Machine Applications, and (for validation) standard statistical techniques. His Principal focus is on two areas of analysis: 1) analysis of 3D images such as structural MRI and CT scans, and 2) deriving information from high-dimensional MR data, such as DWI and fMRI.

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Thomas leads the Architecture/infrastructure and scalable distributed machine learning/deep learning system development for AnalyticalAI. Thomas is an NVIDIA Certified CUDA Instructor, with skills as an Analytical Research Scientist and expertise in Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, High Performance Computing systems and, Enterprise Infrastructure and Applications. He placed 3rd in the Department of Homeland Security's “Passenger Screening Algorithm Challenge”, along with David. He has over 10 years of experience in HPC Big Data system design and served as one of the architects and designers of the largest HPC platform in the State of Alabama. Thomas has worked as the chief big data consultant for a fortune 500 company in addition serving in a pivotal product development role at AnalyticalAI, Thomas through AnalyticalAI serves as chief big data and machine learning consultant for a large wealth management company.

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William develops and manages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions at Analytical AI and has been an employee since October of 2020. William is highly experienced at integrating computer algorithms with a user-centric focus. He was formerly the managing data and computational scientist at Alabama’s fastest supercomputer where he regularly worked with researchers from all domains to enhance their workflows with AI.  Prior to coming aboard, William led the data science analysis and technical support team for the University of Alabama at Birmingham COVID-19 response and was responsible for designing a data process to analyze and distribute COVID-19 testing results to every collegiate institution in the state. William has had longstanding and extensive academic and work collaborations at UAB with Thomas Anthony, and the late David Odaibo, PhD (a cofounder and first CTO at Analytical AI). 

Our Partners

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