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We are honest in our dealings with others.


We strive for excellence and make a continuous effort for improvement in all aspects of the business and deliverables.


We deliver what we promise in our business and personal relationships.


We always demonstrate commitment and diligence in our efforts.


We are always friendly, courteous, and have respect for team members and others.


We display teamwork. Team members use terms like “we” not “I.”  “It’s not my job” is not in our vocabulary.


We are fair and even handed in our dealings with team members and others.


A team member never undermines another. We deal with issues openly and transparently.


We have a sense of urgency on matters related to customers and key partners. We “own” problems and are always responsive.


We are customer driven.


We are “easy to do business with.”

If we fail to live up to any of these values, please call us on it.

Meet The Team

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Mark's expertise includes risk management and mitigation, managing for value, strategic financial leadership, operational excellence, and turnaround management. Froehlich founded Impact Partners, an investment and advisory firm, in 2001, and is an operating partner of Star Mountain Capital, a private equity firm. Based in New York, Star Mountain Capital was honored by Fund Intelligence as the top performing investment fund under 1 billion dollars.

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William develops and manages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions at Analytical AI and has been an employee since October of 2020. William is highly experienced at integrating computer algorithms with a user-centric focus. His PhD is in Explainability of Deep Learning. He was formerly the managing data and computational scientist at Alabama’s fastest supercomputer.

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Kayla Carnation is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Master’s degree in Computer & Information Technology with a specialization in Data Science and Machine Learning. Prior to studying at Penn, Kayla studied Philosophy at Bryn Mawr College, where her passion for philosophical psychology, epistemology, and the philosophy of perception led her to become interested in intelligent computational systems, machine perception, and the potential for techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence to advance human understanding of the natural world. At Analytical AI, Kayla helps create and implement artificial intelligence solutions.

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Andy Hufford is a data scientist and junior AI engineer who joined the Analytical AI team in July 2023. He is a recent graduate from Purdue University, where he received and undergraduate degree in computer engineering with a focus in Artificial Intelligence.  While at Purdue, he developed a plant detection mobile application.  With his experience, Andy brings a fresh perspective to AAI.

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Tyler Churchwell

Tyler is a mobile developer at Analytical AI. He leverages his education from Full Sail University to excel in the world of mobile development and channels his enthusiasm for technology into creating impactful solutions. With a strong foundation in artificial intelligence and a dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Tyler strives to innovate and craft seamless mobile experiences that push boundaries and drive progress.

Mobile Developer

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Thomas is a technology executive and entrepreneur with skills as an Analytical Research Scientist and solutions architect with expertise in Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, and High Performance Computing (HPC). He has over 15 years of experience in HPC and Big Data system design including the largest Supercomputer in Alabama.  Thomas is the winner of multiple Kaggle machine learning challenges including the Department of Homeland Security's “Passenger Screening Algorithm Challenge”. He is the author of multiple scientific publications and editor of the book Big Data and Visual Analytics (Springer-2018). Thomas is the Co-Founder and CIO of Analytical AI, a company  that provides AI solutions to multiple federal agencies and is the Principal investigator on multiple grants, projects, and contracts for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.

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Barbara has been data manager for Analytical AI since Feb 2023.  She uses her expertise in real world messy data to help avoid potential pitfalls during development of data sets for machine learning solutions.  Prior to working for AAI, she worked for 20 years in the casting industry helping improve quality for General Motors, Caterpillar, etc. through sophisticated data analysis and by the creation of educational resources.  She has a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the Missouri School of Science and Technology.

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Sam is a data science and artificial intelligence engineer who joined the Analytical AI team in May 2023. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in computer engineering with a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence. With three years of experience working on various government contracts including, off road autonomous driving, robotics, and the Patriot Missile System, Sam brings valuable expertise in working with complex systems. 

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Lauren Bell is an experienced operations advisor and subject matter expert who has built and grown companies and has experience in corporate operations, program management, human capital, and P&L leadership. She has worked in the US and internationally in both public and private sectors for over 20 years. Lauren founded the boutique operations consulting firm LaCire, which focuses on small business, nonprofit, and philanthropic sector operations. She has also provided subject matter expertise in public health planning and capabilities analyses domestically throughout the COVID-19 response and internationally throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and created meta-analyses for cross-border pandemic preparedness studies. Lauren holds a Masters of Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters of Public Policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy (UC Berkeley). She also graduated Summa Cum Laude from Howard University School of Engineering.

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Ori is an artificial intelligence data scientist and software engineer who joined the Analytical AI team in November 2023. He holds a Master's and PhD in Experimental Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, and a bachelor's in Psychology, and has previously worked in a neuroscience lab at the Brain Institute in Jupiter, Florida for the last five years where he designed and built an automated closed-loop system for detecting and tracking rats' behavior (e.g. sleeping, head velocities, etc.) with optogenetics to investigate thalamocortical networks' influence during sleep in cognitive flexibility and maze learning at the behavioral level. With a diverse and wide-ranging set of skills, Ori provides AAI a novel way of looking at computer vision.

Advisory Board

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Maqbool Patel, PhD. Is the Chief Technology Officer at Innovazones, a rapidly growing Dallas based technology company. Prior to Innovazones, Dr. Patel served as Chief Technology Officer at Vincari, which was acquired by Nuance in 2019. In addition to serving as the CTO, Dr. Maqbool played a vital role in the business leadership at Vincari. Dr. Patel stayed with Vincari until his contract with Nuance ended. Dr. Patel has also worked with GE Imaging, and has gone on to serve as the CTO for four successful IT startups.

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An entrepreneur in the automotive and powersports industries Scott is on the Advisory Board of Analytical AI.  Scott has experience in M&A, asset management, scaling retail process’ and organizational efficiency.  Throughout his career, Scott has worked with Ford, General Motors, Harley Davidson and many other automotive lines. 

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Dr. Skidmore is a Co-Founder and Special Advisor to Analytical AI. He is a board certified, highly published neurologist with significant experience as a funded researcher. Dr. Skidmore specializes in large data applications, using cluster-based computing as well as Deep Learning paradigms, for automated diagnosis and prediction.

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Kristopher Brown is a partner in the Goodwin Procter’s Life Sciences group. Mr. Brown negotiates and structures private equity and venture capital financing transactions. He also advises on corporate and transactional matters for numerous financial and corporate strategic investors as well as emerging growth companies in the life sciences, healthcare, financial and technology sectors.

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Steve Karoly is a senior security, nuclear and defense executive with over 30 years of government, transportation and technology industry experience overseeing the development, procurement and implementation of advanced national defense and security technologies and systems to protect the nation’s borders and transportation systems. Steve’s extensive career in both public and private sectors give him a unique perspective regarding federal procurement and supply chain practices, risk oversight, operations, program oversight and governance, and insight on the ‘when’ and ‘how’ to communicate with federal government organizations. As a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) executive and senior Naval Officer, Steve brings executive core leadership and business competencies to bear, always resulting in successful outcomes. As a system’s engineering practitioner, Steve brings strong technical acumen and has successfully built & led multiple technology-driven innovation organizations within the Federal Government.

Industry & Operating Partners

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Ms. Bolin is the Managing Partner of ICS Advisory, where she leads the company portfolio of mission, technology and operational services for government, international/trade support and technology innovation. Ms. Bolin previously served in the Treasury Department’s legacy U.S. Customs Service and its predecessor Customs and Border Protection (CBP) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Ms. Bolin was a Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Associate where she managed numerous CBP FEMA, TSA and ICE Programs

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Ryan Evans is the founder, Editor, and CEO of War on the Rocks Media, a media and education company focused on strategy, defense, and foreign affairs that publishes War on the Rocks. After founding War on The Rocks, Evans partnered with Admiral William McRaven to publish the Texas National Security Review.

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Dr Linda Friedland is a physician with over 25 years’ experience in clinical medicine and an international advisor to many of Fortune and Forbes global companies. She consults to healthcare, biotech, corporate and financial institutions.

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Ms. Sciacca worked for the George W. Bush Administration where she served in a senior role in the Office of Presidential Advance in  the White House. Ms. Sciacca was responsible for all international and domestic logistics for President George W. Bush and traveled with the President to more than twenty-four countries, including to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

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Will Wright is the Vice President of Innovation at Protective Life Corporation where he leads the company’s innovation efforts. Will has a background as an entrepreneur and consultant with McKinsey. He previously co-founded, ran and exited a digital health start up called Pack Health providing digital health coaching to people with chronic diseases. Will has an MBA and MPH with honors from UC Berkeley and a BA magna cum laude in Biology from Harvard.

Our Partners

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